Niagara’s top spot for Karaoke at 4953 Clifton Hill located outside Pizza Pizza.


Everyone loves a bit of Karaoke and the folks of Niagara are no exception! Perhaps you fancy a bit of Hit me Baby one more time, or is Mustang Sally more your thing?! Whatever you love to sing if Karaoke is your bag there is no better place than Beer Garden Karaoke Patio.

Located at 4945 Clifton Hill on the patio outside Pizza Pizza, you can grab a delicious slice of hot pizza whilst you decide what song you are going to sing or simply watch others give it their best attempt!

The karaoke is held every night of the week from May through October and features notable hosts who keep the crowds going and everyone entertained. There are over 2,800 songs to choose from so you are guaranteed to find something you want to sing.

It’s a popular venue for tourists and locals alike as the party vibe is always in full swing and the hosts are great with the crowds. There’s a full bar too so no need to head off to find drinks as they have got you covered.

The area the Karaoke bar is set in is also a prime location for some of the main attractions that Niagara nightlife has to offer so is well worth a visit if you will be in the area.

However, do keep in mind that anyone under 19 will have to leave the patio at 9pm each night.