The Best Ice Cream Places In Niagara

12 million people visit Niagara Falls each year.  Not surprisingly, most of them in the summer…and nothing says summer quite like ice cream! Be sure to check out these iconic ice cream staples in Niagara in the area.

Dairy Queen on Clifton Hill

Look, we know…Dairy Queen is a franchise and you’ve probably had it before.  But Dairy Queen on Clifton Hill? That’s a different experience entirely and definitely one of the best ice cream places in Niagara.  Nestled conveniently at the front edge of Clifton Hill, Dairy Queen is arguably the only ice cream stop in the area where you can eat your ice cream with you as you walk back to the falls.  If you don’t want to walk to the falls then it’s the ultimate treat to eat while you’re basking in the bright lights of Clifton Hill.  Plus, there’s always an electricity around this DQ that you just don’t see at locations anywhere else in the world.  It’s one of the few that is completely outdoors for one (like any good ice cream stop should be) and nothing gets you craving a cold treat more than their fluorescent soft-serve cone lighting up the sky.  Also, it’s got to be said that the DQ on Clifton Hill has a full menu while other locations in the area don’t.  So if you’re particular about your favorite DQ item then you better hit up this one because others in the area don’t have it and may have higher prices as well.

Clifton Hill Dairy Queen – 4945 Clifton Hill Niagara Falls, ON L2G 3N5

Avondale Dairy Bar In Niagara On The Lake

A Niagara original.  The Avondale Dairy Bar has been in the area for over 50 years.  Thousands of people visit the dairy bar every summer for an amazingly diverse menu of ice cream flavors and treats.  All the ice cream is handmade, on site.  Like many creameries they say they use the best ingredients, flavors and traditional practices to make their ice cream.  The difference is that The Avondale Dairy Bar has won awards from the National Ice Cream Retailers Convention for their flavors and quality.  Ice cream here is a passion. The lineup outside the door on most summer days is evidence of that.  It’s also a very spacious spot with plenty of seating inside and out as well as a swing set and grassy area for kids to burn off all the sugar they’ve just been induced with.  It is a little bit off the way from Niagara Falls and in Niagara-On-The-Lake, but definitely worth the trek out.  They also have take-home novelties (try the Ice Cream pie) that you can take back to your hotel or the falls.

Avondale Dairy Bar – 461 Stewart Rd, Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON L0S 1J0

Italian Ice Cream

A family-run and established gelato spot in the Niagara Falls corridor, Italian Ice Cream is a real treat.  They usually have a set of 24 amazing flavors, but if you come in at special times there will be the odd unique flavors as well!  This place has been in Niagara for close to 40 years so you know they are doing something right.  Authentic Italian style gelato with traditional gelato flavors make this a must stop for any gelato fan! Prices are quite good too compared to other dessert places in the area.  The best part about Italian Ice Cream is they also make Italian style espressos and coffee as well some of the best paninis you will find in Niagara Falls. Not to mention a great patio!

Italian Ice Cream – 5458 Victoria Ave. Niagara Falls, ON., Canada L2G 3L2

Your trip to Niagara doesn’t have to be all about falling water.  Cool off with some of the best ice cream places mentioned above and you’ll be glad you did!