Niagara continues to be a hotbed for tourists from all over the world.  People from all walks of life visit the Falls (usually in the summer time) to enjoy the sights and scenes us locals or workers in the industry see every day.  One important thing to note is with a global audience comes different dietary needs and options.  Luckily there are plenty of options for visitors from all over the world! Today, for our Muslim visitors to the falls, we are outlining the top halal restaurants in Niagara.

What is Halal?

First off, halal is Arabic for ‘permissible.’  Many Muslims only eat meat that is cooked or cared for in a certain way prior to being sent off for packaging.  Usually this involves a prayer and cleansing of the animal.  Halal meat tastes the same as regular meat and it’s difficult to notice any difference.  Chances are if you’ve eaten at any of the restaurants on this list or at most Indian, Pakistani, Mediterranean restaurants then you have eaten halal meat without even knowing it. Studies have shown that halal meat is cleaner than non-halal meat and can have health benefits.

Naturally though in the western world most popular restaurants don’t carry halal meat.  Therefore, many Muslims eat veggie burgers or seafood at places like McDonalds, Burger King or typical franchises.  However, in countries or communities with large Muslim populations it’s not uncommon to see these big franchises serving halal meat exclusively.  Of note, Popeyes Chicken franchises in Canada are all halal and some KFC restaurants in the US and Canada that are in Muslim-centric regions (think Mississauga, Chicago and Dallas) use halal meat.

Below are some of the top halal restaurants in Niagara that Muslims visiting the area can dine in:

Paramount Fine Foods – Fallsview Casino

Paramount Fine Foods is arguably Canada’s most popular Mediterranean restaurant chain.  They are based in the GTA and have 20-30 locations in that area and 15-20 so outside of that area and around the world.  They serve a wide variety of bbq shawarma, beef, lamb and seafood dishes and have a play area for kids.  The restaurant is very family friendly and also serves non-Mediterranean favorites like burgers and ethnic pizzas. The restaurant is not in the casino and no alcohol is served.  The restaurant is found in the food court/shopping mall outside of the casino with other popular restaurants such as Tim Hortons.

Kasbah Mediterranean CuisineDorchester Road –  The Kasbah is located a short drive into the city of Niagara Falls and away from the tourist area.  Like Paramount this restaurant serves Mediterranean dishes in a family-friendly setting.  They do have great non-Mediterranean dishes as well such as their Chicken Parmesan and steak sandwiches.  For Muslims looking for a break from traditional halal options then there burger and wings are both good options.  Alcohol is served on premise, but the meat is all halal and since you are a little bit off of the main strip the prices are far more economical.

Passage To India/Papa Johns Falls Avenue –  Located in the same plaza is a halal Indian restaurant called Passage To India and a Papa Johns that serves halal meat.  Passage to India is a good stop for BBQ items and some curried dishes.  It’s definitely not to the high standards of Indian restaurants in other popular North American cities, but if you are in the mood for Indian/Pakistani then this is as good a bet as any.  Also in the same unit is a Papa Johns that serves halal pepperoni, ground beef and chicken which is a good option if you are in the mood for franchise-consistency.  Also honorable mention goes to Casablanca which has Mediterranean style pizza.

Play Urban Café – White Oaks Resort – Niagara On The Lake – Further outside of the Niagara Falls is White Oaks Resort.  On request, White Oaks has halal steaks, beef and chicken and if you make a reservation requesting this they will make arrangements for you.  The resort is about 15 minutes away from Niagara Falls and close to Niagara On The Lake (another tourist area).  It takes some planning and you do have to call in advance, but you can get steakhouse quality halal steak, chicken sandwiches or plates or steak burgers cooked by professional chefs and with completely halal meat.  If you are in a rush there are lots of seafood items and meatless meat options as well.

If you insist on eating halal-meat only don’t fret! Niagara has tons of options for you.  Feel free to contact for any information to make your visit to our community more comfortable!



The Top Kosher Restaurants in Niagara

Niagara is a tourism hot spot for world travelers. People near and far visit the Falls on vacation and to take in one of the wonders of the world. One thing tourists don’t realize though is Niagara Falls is a small city and not a huge metropolis like other North American destinations like Toronto, New York or Los Angeles are.  Sometimes, global travelers with specific dietary requirements can struggle to find food that meets their dietary needs.  Our Jewish friends visiting need not worry because we have you covered for the best Kosher Restaurants in Niagara!

What is Kosher?

Kosher is food prepared in requirements with Jewish law.  Many practicing Jewish people only eat meat and dairy products that have been cared for with Kosher principals.  Kosher products don’t taste any different when prepared to other products.

Below are two of the best Kosher restaurants to visit on your trip to the Falls:

Top Nosh – Top Nosh is known for its full Kosher menu.  The pizza is made with Kosher dairy and is freshly made daily.  They have other favorites such as Baked Ziti, and a full hot breakfast.  One thing to note about Top Nosh is that it is a seasonal restaurant and only open during the summer season.  So plan accordingly!

Taste – The newcomer in town! Taste opened in the spring of 2016 to much fanfare.  Taste serves up Kosher chicken wings, chicken breast and salmon.  One of the unique things about Taste is that the restaurant updates its menu nightly.  Yes, nightly.  Taste takes flavors of the season and applies them to daily specials.  There is also a Kosher kids menu as well which makes Taste perfect for the entire family. Similar to Top Nosh, Taste is a seasonal restaurant only open during the spring/summer months.

There are tons of Kosher options for the entire family in Niagara Falls.  Any more questions? The concierge team is happy to help you plan your trip and attractions around Niagara and make sure your stay here is a memorable one.