For thrill seekers, adventure hunters and all round birds eye view appreciators – Niagara Falls MistRider Zipline is one of the best new attractions the region has to offer.


Opened in 2016, MistRider Zipline is one of the newest and most adventurous ways to explore views of Niagara Falls that offers users a truly unique bucket list filled experience.

Covering a distance of 2,200 feet and taking you up 220 feet high, MistRider Zipline is an ever popular attraction that give unrivalled views of the American and Canadian Horseshoe Falls. You will be safely secured in and guided by the safety team, and will reach maximum speeds of 70KM depending on your weight and of course the weather!

There are four ziplines so ideal if you want to try it our with friends or family, and patrons even advise that you can keep a conversation going whilst you are up there! If you are afraid of the top speeds, guides will show you how to lift your arms outwards to slow everything down, plus you will be securely strapped in and wearing a helmet.

When you reach the end of the course there is a stopping station with padded mats, and once you have safely disembarked a shuttle bus will take you back up to the course. Safety is a top priority and everything is designed with your comfort in mind as you stay seated throughout.

If you are brave enough to discover for yourself just what the hashtag “#omgicanfly” experience is all about then this is one to try. Afterall, how many people can say they have ziplined across Niagara Falls?! It certainly beats generic tourist instagram snaps anyone could find on Google images – why not reinvent the tourist experience and become your own human drone?!

Some things to note include: Booking is required online prior to your visit, as is signing a waiver form before taking part. You should also be advised that due to the tourist areas filled with people underneath, no objects that can be dropped are permitted to be held throughout your flight. You are also required to tie long hair back and wear closed toe shoes. The maximum weight limit is 275lbs.

The minimum age for those taking part is 7, though if you are under 13 you must be accompanied by a chaperone. You will also need a parental/guardian signature for each minor guest.


Other that, have fun and believe you can fly! Well, Zipline at MistRider Zipline over Niagara Falls at least.