The best places in Niagara Falls to get a fright greater than listening to what politicians have to say! We are already terrified….


Did you know Niagara-on-the-lake is Canada’s most haunted town? If you love nothing more than a scare and a fright then Niagara has you covered with a terrifying array of Haunted Houses on offer for you to visit.

Here are some of the spookiest most intestine churning ones Niagara has to offer…

Screaming Tunnels Haunted House

Are you brave enough to uncover the local legend of the Screaming Tunnels, aka the place where one Tripadvisor review simply states it “makes grown men cry”?!

To quote the rather terrifying trailer which accompanies the Tunnels: “When the lights go out and you’re all alone, have you ever wondered is there a monster hiding in the closet?! In Niagara’s haunted hallways each of your five senses will be heightened as your childhood fears, today’s phobias and tomorrows nightmares become a terrifying reality. You’ll feel panic rise within you when zombies reach out from the shadows and you’ll scream when vampires whisper in your ear!”

If all that doesn’t sound tempting enough there’s a $20 voucher included to the Outback Steakhouse where they proclaim the steaks are well-done but anything rare. So, if being terrified out of your wits in downtown Niagara followed by a nice juicy steak sounds good to you this is just the ticket! Just be sure to make it out alive to be able to use your voucher.

Nightmares Fear Factory

Sitting on the site of a former coffin factory, Nightmares Fear Factory is more than just a set of spooky made up stories or people in fancy dress. For the building that once stood in its place was once was owned by a man named Abraham who dedicated his every waking hour to the success of his business which was building coffins.

Though at night he was tormented by local hooligans who would taunt this eccentric old man, and would try and chase them to scare them away. They would often laugh at his threats until one night Abraham confronted the group and in the struggle that followed, a stack of solid oak coffins overturned crushing poor Abraham to death.

Soon after Abraham was laid to rest, Abrahams coffin was shockingly found unearthed and empty! To this day legend has it that he walks the halls for revenge on those who dare to trespass on his beloved and now abandoned factory.
The question is, do you dare enter the Fear Factory?! If you do, tickets are $12.95 per adult when purchased online and $9.25 for children. If you ever make it out alive, do let us know how you got on and what Abraham had to say to you!

The Haunted House

You thought Clifton Hill was all amusement arcades, Pizza karaoke and family friendly fun right? – Wrong! For on the dark side of Clifton Hill sits The Haunted House which will lull you into a false sense of security by being quiet before suddenly scaring you half to death with the noises and ghouls and “unusual objects” that will grab hold of your soul and render you into a screaming child leaving clawing onto the nearest human for protection – let’s just hope you know them!

The Haunted House is open all year round and costs $10.99 for adults and $9.99 for children with online discounts available. It’s also conveniently located in the heart of Niagara’s entertainment district so perfect for spending the day there or grabbing a bite to eat afterwards if you make it out alive and well with your nerves and senses intact.