There are two sides and indeed two different countries you can view Niagara Falls from, so what is the difference and which should you visit?


Niagara Falls is a natural feat so great it spans across two countries, though you may wonder which side is the better for the views you will get to appreciate? Both have their own pros and cons depending on if you are looking to get the best photograph, or if you want to enjoy the area as a whole afterwards.

Let’s start with the American side first which is located in the far reaching corners of the state of New York. From this side you are able to get up close to all three of the Falls: Horseshoe Falls, Bridal Veil Falls and the American Falls.

You able to get a great view of the Falls from the American angle, however not the typical views you see on postcards as the views are more profile/top down. In some instances you will see buildings obstructing the view, and some of the angles are slightly awkward meaning you don’t get a full on view, only part of it. Though it could still be interesting to visit if perhaps you don’t want the typical tourist shots if you are a photographer or indeed the same level of crowds the Canadian side will inevitably attract.

Speaking of being quieter, the American side is also not as developed as the Canadian side as many compare the latter to something out of Vegas. This has it’s own pros and cons, however looking at this from the positive it will mean visiting the American side will be more tranquil and authentic to how it once stood, not to mention slightly quieter in comparison.

Heading over to the Canadian side, this is where you get the best views as they are panoramic as opposed to restricted like the American side. Though it has to be said that you can’t get up close to the American and Bridal Veil Falls, you can get right up to the edge of Horseshoe Falls. Inevitably though this comes with the added price tag when it comes to parking, hotels and leisure and dining activities which are noticeably steeper than the American side.

The Canadian side does offer more than just the Falls and being the greater developed side it means that after you are done with your sight seeing (perhaps in between visiting during the day and waiting for the fireworks and illuminations late at night) there are plenty of places to eat, shop and stay entertained all day no matter what you and your family wish to do with the rest of your day.

Whichever side of the Falls you choose to visit it will offer spectacular and breathtaking views. After all, Niagara Falls is a once in a lifetime beauty everyone should visit at least once in their lives, albeit from either the American or the Canadian side!