Challenge yourself and your friends to a real life escape situation with puzzles to solve which will lead to your release. Can you figure out the answers within the 1 hour time limit and break free?!


Based on the original Japanese game Takagism, Escape rooms situated at 4455 Queen Street,

are a real life room escape. The game requires players to work together as a team to solve the hidden puzzles which if successful, will allow you to escape the room all within the 1 hour time limit.

This is an incredibly popular game format not just in Canada but the US, Europe and Asia too. It’s a great way to spend time with friends but is also popular as a team building exercise for corporate clients too – especially as with Homeroom you can book two rooms at once so each team can race each other against the clock and each other too. Just as well as that Miss Balfour you are escaping from sounds particularly scary!

What’s great about Escape Rooms apart from the challenge is that everything is like for like. There are real life actors and the rooms look genuine so it creates the whole experience for the players so instead of just staring at a screen… you are really immersed in it all! It all adds to the fun making the experience memorable whilst getting those cogs turning too as you plan your escape and look for hidden clues.

Starting April 24 2017, Escape Rooms Niagara have the following rooms for you to try out depending on the type of experience you wish to choose, the number of players and the ages of your players:

Grandpa’s Study (2 Players or 3-6 players)


You find yourself locked in your grandfather’s study, but he’s left you some codes from his time in the war that will help you escape. You have 1 hour to solve the puzzles and discover the family secret before your mom finds out!

Homeroom (3 – 8 Players or 8-16 players)


You’re back in school, and crazy old Ms. Balfour has locked you in the classroom! You need to locate the Hall Pass in order to leave and pass through the halls safely. You’ll have 1 hour to solve the puzzles that will help you escape!

(team vs team option available)

Synergy (3 – 6 Players)


You are in a dorm room at a local college. There is something unusual about this dorm room. Figure out the codes of the secret society before it’s too late. You have 1 hour to learn how the secret society communicates with its members and access their computer. Can you escape in time?
Whichever room you choose, Escape Rooms offers something fun and different aside from the usual tourist attractions that are popular in Niagara. You can also purchase gift certificates on their website too, where you will also find all booking and FAQ information. Good luck and happy escaping!