The best places to hike around Niagara Falls.


The area surrounding Niagara Falls is known as the The Niagara Gorge and is an area of outstanding natural beauty, yet many are not aware of its presence. One of the main highlights you can visit includes the hiking trails which unlike the falls themselves, offer serenity away from the tourist areas as they are often very quiet even in peak season.

There are several places around Niagara Falls you can hike depending on your fitness level and the type of views you wish to experience.

For the seasoned hiker, Short Hills offers steep inclines, winding lanes and valleys for you to conquer. It is ideal not only for hiking but biking too, should you wish to mix things up. There are historic buildings for you to discover along the way, as a thriving community once stood in its place. The water power Short Hills provided was once a bustling industry, prior to the Welland Canal making it redundant so there are many sights to beyond in the place it once stood.

If you are looking for something with plenty to explore along the way, then Brock Tour is a hiking trail packed with historical landmarks just waiting to be discovered, with excellent panoramic views to boot. Look out for the abandoned tower and the limestone caverns as you make your way through this leafy trail.

One of the most well known hiking spots however has to be Bruce Trail. Stretching at over 880km long from the Niagara River right through to the tip of Tobermory, Ontario. It has clearly marked paths which may change depending on the weather, however is so popular many come back year on year to complete a section at a time.

Bruce trail not only offers the distance to be able to spend hours exploring, but also plenty of natural wildlife. It is not uncommon for hikers to encounter deer, chipmunks, woodpeckers and other animals within their natural habitat and can be a real treat when you are able to see them up close.

Remember though, it is always a good idea to adhere to safety advice and keep an eye on weather forecasts prior to your visit which may determine which trail would be most appropriate. It’s also a good idea to wear sensible clothing to withstand the sometimes challenging environments you may face, especially if you are not a seasoned hiker.

Whichever hiking spot you choose out of the plethora Niagara has to offer, you will be sure to experience true beauty at every turn. Hiking your way around the Falls is also a special way to commemorate your time here, especially if you are visiting in peak season and are looking to experience the area in a more unique way.

As there are so many hiking spots to discover you could be a frequent visitor and yet never see the same sights twice! It is recommended to pick up a guide so you can find some of the most recommended spots to hike as well as finding your own unique ones.